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Alva Noto - Stalker (For Andrei Tarkovsky)

Seems like ages since we've listened to anything by Alva Noto, AKA Carsten Nicolai. He's a musician who loves to build shapes with sound, usually in the field of minimal electronica.

Now Stalker is one of the Tarkovsky films I've never got around to seeing, though I have read the original novel it was derived from, Roadside Picnic by Boris Strugatsky. But I do know the gist of it, that it involves a lot of wandering through ruined landscapes, and that's something you can definitely hear with Nicolai's massed banks of sickly-sounding oscillators. It's also the film that literally killed Tarkovsky. One of the shooting locations was so badly contaminated that it was credited with the fatal poisoning of several of the crew. Stalker (For Andrei Tarkovsky) will attract your attention, but perhaps not in the way you want. Uncomfortable in its immediacy.

Alva Noto - Stalker (For Andrei Tarkovsky)