Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

The Evolution Control Committee - All Your Base Are Belong To Us (Country Roads)

Let me see if I can remember the story of this correctly. It was 2001, and the All Your Base phenomenon was still in full flow. MP3s were becoming the hot new thing, and Napster was still a big underground playground for file sharing. Mark Gunderson and the Evolution Control Committee were there if not actually subverting the system, then at least playing games with it. One of their tactics was change the file names on their own music to make it seem as if it came from other, more popular, artists. It was a cute guerilla marketing tactic. I think their All Your Base series came shortly after that, in much the same spirit of disruption. Prospective listeners would search the database for something that matched the spirit of the meme, and would hopefully stumble upon the ECC's files. These were... not exactly the sorts of things that most people into animated GIFs and badly translated English would enjoy.

So here are the ECC singing the words to All Your Base over a recording of John Denver's Country Roads, Culturcide-style. It's that simple and that ridiculous. I hope it makes you smile.

The Evolution Control Committee - All Your Base Are Belong To Us (Country Roads)
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