Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Laurie Johnson - Theme from The New Avengers

Sad today to hear of the death of Patrick McNee, who played John Steed in The Avengers. One of the great TV characters, skirting the line between charming and punchable and a complete visual icon. I considered posting his novelty song with Honor Blackman, Kinky Boots, but it really is the most dreadful piece of nonsense. I mean that most affectionately of course.

Instead here's the theme music to the less well-regarded incarnation of The Avengers. You know, I would have used the original, but there are just so many variations of it for the different series that it would feel like I was neglecting the others. Instead, here's the frankly barmy reworking of the theme for the show's revival in the 1970s as The New Avengers. As with the original it's by bandleader and composer Laurie Johnson, who is still very much with us, thank you. He contributed the music to many classic UK TV shows and is probably best remembered by domestic audiences for the macho funk of The Professionals. It was a style that started here though, in a piece of music that quite preposterously mixes big band jazz, military drumming and wah wah funk guitar. It's all rather too heavy on the testosterone, but it is an extraordinary bit of music.

Laurie Johnson - Theme from The New Avengers
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