Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

William Tyler - We Can't Go Home Again

I suspect that William Tyler is, as the phrase goes, the real deal. Just listen to the fingerpicking on We Can't Go Home Again from the 2013 album Impossible Truth. Acoustic guitar sounds just don't get any bigger than this. Now maybe that's down to the production, or maybe it's down to Tyler's style which seems to take elements from both Bert Jansch and the criminally underrated Leo Kottke. He's mastered the use of fret buzz and knows how to make his instrument burst into moments of explosive clarity. But more than those technical tricks, he seems to have learned how to make his music absorbing. This is an entirely compelling piece of music, do yourself a favour and put aside all thoughts of multitasking for the next six minutes.

William Tyler - We Can't Go Home Again

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