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Here's a beefy bass-driven dirge from a trio of Australian noise/art/rock type. Now we've made Ha sound as unappealing as possible, time to look at a few of its finer qualities. First, that bass is amazing. Perhaps Ha does owe some kind of creative debt to the early work of The Fall, or perhaps I just listened to that shit so much at the time that it's altered how I hear music. Either way the spasmodic bass riff is sexy as fuck. It's overlaid with layers of crunchy distortion, which I think is the guitar work of producer Rowland S Howard. I'm less of a fan of the languid, apathetic vocals of Jonnine Standish, but they certainly bring something different to the noise rock stage. Find this one on the 2009 album Marry Me Tonight.

Sadly the creator of those provocative basslines, Sean Stewart, took his own life in 2010.