Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Miles Davis - Red China Blues

By the mid 1970s, everything that Miles Davis did was idiosyncratic. He was in the process of alienating most of his audience and about to take a five year break from recording music. I don't know if he had uncertainties about his own creativity or he just didn't give a fuck, but either way this was when he was producing some of his most fascinating music.

Here's a perfect example. Red China Blues from Get Up With It sounds like it might, as the title suggests, actually be a blues number, albeit one in lopsided 6/8 time. But before long it's sounding more like a big band piece, and by the end it's almost certainly funk. The whole thing is punctuated by Miles' stabbing wah-wah trumpet, and you can't help feeling that there were probably three perfectly serviceable songs in there somewhere before he decided to mash them all together. Enjoy!

Miles Davis - Red China Blues

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