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Darwin Gross - Little Do Some Know

Just this very moment, it struck me why Scientology became successful whereas its cultish contemporaries failed. It's all about ME ME ME ME ME LOOK AT ME AREN'T I SPECIAL I'M A UNIQUE AND PRECIOUS FLOWER PRINCESS YES ME. That's much more appealing to the modern neurotic that all of that woolly talk about spirituality and morality. Sure, there are all the bits about space travel, flying spaghetti monsters and prehistoric ghosts but you don't get to find out about them until your gullibility has been well-established. So no worries there.

Look at poor Eckankar. It has a minute fraction of the media penetration of Big S. That's what you get for basing your teachings on an obscure branch of guru-lead Hinduism rather than science fiction. Still, they're not doing too badly. The main Temple of ECK covers 50,000 sq. ft., and they've got another temple in Nigeria that can house 10,000 worshippers. It was founded in 1965 by the Living ECK Master, Paul Twitchell, claiming an unbroken line of spiritual teaching, and that he was the 971st person to hold that title. He died in 1971, which put the brakes on him being a Living ECK Master, though he probably managed to stay on in the cult hierarchy as one of their spirit guides. He was replaced by Darwin Gross, who served as Living ECK Master until 1983, when he in turn was replaced by Harold Klemp.

The thing about Darwin Gross, however, was that he never stopped living. Gross was shoveled out of Eckankar over arguments about the copyright status of the Eckankar books. To this day, Gross refuses to refer to Eckankar by name, referring to it as "the corporation". He claims that to do otherwise would breach the terms of the punitive court settlement reached against him. Meanwhile, Gross' name has been purged from all Eckankar histories. Gross went on to found ATOM (Ancient Teachings of the Masters), which is basically ECK with all of the names changed. All of these copyright wrangles are particularly amusing given the origins of ECK; research has proved Twitchell to be one of the 20th century's most audacious plagiarists.

Okay, so that was a long introduction. But it's necessary to know the facts before you hear the music. In addition to all of his ATOMic tomfoolery, Darwin Gross also reinvented himself as a lounge singer, despite sounding like your drunken uncle with the speech defect who eats too much trifle. He's gone from being a Living ECK Master to the similarly self-proclaimed "Pied Piper of Uplifting Music and Happy Blues". Here he is with Little Do Some Know, where he's paid up for the full Vegas orchestration. Unfortunately, the floodlit Vegas music only throws his unlit underpass busker's voice into even sharper relief, and lyrically it's as creepy as fuck. Catholic pederastic authority has nothing on Sri Darwin Gross, the guy was virtually treated as a living god before his fall. This is some of the most gloriously deluded music you will hear anywhere, and I urge you to give it a listen.

Darwin Gross - Little Do Some Know




I WAS IN ECKANKAR UNDER GROSS FOR 12 YEARS. I left in feeling very disillusioned. Finally in the late 1980's I found the real truth. It's here if you care to check it out: