Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Staraya Derevnya - Hram

The most extraordinary sound I've heard this year? Easy. Without question it's Gosha Hniu's strangulated yodel that opens Hram, the first track from Staraya Derevnya's Kadita Sessions. It's an album with some superb moments that draws in part from the post-punk explorations of bands such as This Heat, neo-psychedelia, Sunburned Hand of the Man communality, and the Tzadik-like reappropriation of Jewish musical traditions. This proves to be a potent mix. You get the impression that Staraya Derevnya were as surprised as anyone at the sounds they made together, surprised yet delighted. It's unfailingly experimental, yet the pleasure of the sound is there throughout.

Hram is such a startling listen. From that opening vocal it's as if the scream never stops, carried along by the single droning chord, the drum circle percussion, the chattering choir, the tearing minimal guitar. It's more full of sound than anything I've heard in a long time. Too full at times? Perhaps, but if that's a mistake then I don't want to go back to things being right. The CD release comes packaged in a hand-felted pouch that is a swirl of textures and colours, and it's a surprisingly honest album cover.

Staraya Derevnya - Hram

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