Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Louis Armstrong - The Creator Has A Master Plan

Here's a Damned Thing for you. There is no way that this should exist. A universe where Louis Armstrong covers a Pharoah Sanders song is frankly pushing at the limits of plausibility. And yet we live in one. To be fair to our universe, Louis doesn't exactly give a stellar rendition of The Creator Has A Master Plan. What survives of the recording session has him scatting, mumbling and laughing through the words like an elderly but beloved shaggy dog. He didn't get it, and that's okay. In fact he was so far from getting it that the studio got Leon Thomas in to record vocal takes for the verses where Louis' performance was overly eccentric.

Now if you're like me you immediately want to hear the original recordings. They do exist, but alas I've never heard them. Help a brother out, etc? Instead here's the standard cut, from the 1970 album Louis Armstrong And His Friends. It was one of his final studio sessions and it's as schmaltzy as fuck.

Louis Armstrong - The Creator Has A Master Plan

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