Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

King Khan - Hurtin' Class

It can hardly have escaped your notice that American politics pressed the reset button a few years back. Right now it seems to be at some point in the 1960s once more, with all the gains made by the civil rights movement needing to be claimed once more. Perhaps it's also become necessary for American music to do the same thing. Hurtin' Class harks back to the angry Marxist soul music of the Attica era. It is sparse and harsh, full of hoarse organ screeches and funk grunts, but the bass is more Kingston, Jamaica than New Orleans. This isn't the music of the troubled South any more - Arish Khan is from Montreal, and the music is written by Ian Svenonius who cut his musical and political teeth in the 1980s D.C. scene. This is music for a generation that has had its future mortgaged away without consent.

King Khan - Hurtin' Class

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