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John Foxx - Burning Car

I thought I'd revisit a teenage favourite today to find out how well it's aged. I've probably not heard the stark electronic classic Burning Car in 35 years, when I last put its picture disc back inside the flimsy plastic sleeve for the final time. Picture discs had notorious poor fidelity back then, and my old record player would have done it no favours at all, but I was still surprised to hear the clarity of the production. It's a properly disconcerting contrast between the harsh electronics and Foxx's lush yet expressionless voice. Is it still as sonically shocking as it sounded to my more innocent ears? Well actually yes, kind of, in places at least. In the pursuit of innovation it's also a little rhythmically awkward, even gawky. But that's fine, I think. This was never music that was going to fit in anywhere, and considering that it's basically electropop it's to its credit how uncompromising this still sounds today.

John Foxx - Burning Car