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Mystery Bob's Ukulele Singers - Monkey Gone To Heaven

Some people are just too modest for their own good. I've just searched on Google for the phrase "Mystery Bob's Ukulele Singers" and do you have any idea how many results there were? Eight. Nine now I suppose. Either way, that's ridiculous. How is it possible that so few people know about something as great as this?

Here's the received wisdom of cover versions: you should either bring something new to the song or not bother recording it. To this, we now have to add the following proviso: it's okay to record a note perfect copy of the original, as long as you're doing it on ukulele. I'm not going to offer any excuses for posting this, it's simply music that makes me happy. If you enjoy Monkey Gone To Heaven you should know that Mystery Bob's Ukulele Singers also do a cracking rendition of California Über Alles.

Mystery Bob's Ukulele Singers - Monkey Gone To Heaven