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ぬりえほん Coloringbook - Laflaysiil

Take a few thousand short samples from other songs. Stitch and layer them by hand. Repeat this process for over a decade. ぬりえほん Coloringbook has just released the preliminary results of this process, the album Infinite Variations (Demos), and it's probably the most meticulous and most arduously assembled work of plunderphonica ever.

With most sample-based music it's obvious that it's been created from various sources. Not so with this. The craftsmanship in hiding the seams is extraordinary. That's not to say that it sounds naturalistic. Laflaysiil starts as a cascade of twinkling trip-hop stars, princess pink and adorned with online glitter, all smoothed over by a sheen of kitsch. It's massively intricate but still tremendously pretty. At least it is until the wicked stepmother starts to elbow her way into the frame. The bar has been raised.

ぬりえほん Coloringbook - Laflaysiil