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Anarchist Republic of Bzzz - All One

Cross-cultural music is a bit of a minefield. All too often it reeks of appropriation, of wearing someone else's medals. It's gap year music. The Anarchist Republic of Bzzz are entirely unlike that. They're a genuinely international outfit bringing together talents such as Seb el Zin, Luc Ex, Arto Lindsay, and the twin drum backing of Onur Secki and Ismail Altunbas. The band throw jazz, hip hop, and middle eastern styles in a noisy experimental mix in a way that sounds positively dangerous. At a stretch, you could say that this feeling of danger is the new orientalism, that it's music that trades off actual strife to give it an edge, but to me this sounds like good old fashioned international solidarity. Punks and anarchists everywhere say hi. Enjoy the menace of All One which sees Juice Aleem duetting with Kurdish singer Rojda Aykoç. From the 2016 album United Diktaturs of Europe.

Anarchist Republic of Bzzz - All One