Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Snapped Ankles - I Want My Minutes Back (demo)

I just heard I Want My Minutes Back, the new single by Snapped Ankles, and I've got to say it's terrific. It's got the edgy neuroticism of '77-era Talking Heads, but with a sound beefed way up with fat synths. It's pounding punktronica driven by a huge electric hum. And it's also just been released, so if you think I'm depriving the band of income by posting it here then you can think again. Instead here's the demo of the song from a few years back: slightly more raw and slightly less intense. It's still terrific though, loaded with even more transformer buzz and a few brief motorik passages I wish the band had sat on for longer. Art party music for today.

Snapped Ankles - I Want My Minutes Back (demo)

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