Dok (cyberinsekt) wrote,

Richie Havens - High Flyin' Bird

Listening back, there were a few brief years towards the end of the 1960s when you couldn't tell what genre music was any more. Folk had turned into blues and jazz and then to soul, and yet somehow they were all coexisting in the music. Take this version of High Flyin' Bird, from Richie Havens' 1968 album Mixed Bag. It's got the amazing double time syncopated rhythm guitar that he used to such effect for his performance at Woodstock, electric blues bass and jazz guitar licks from session man Howard Collins. At first it's dense and confusing, but that's only until the long form rhythmic structure starts to reveal itself, and then it's a joy. It's not music that's ever going to sit easily in the historical retelling, too awkward and out of place for the narratives we impose on the past. You'll have to do your own part to keep things like this alive.

Richie Havens - High Flyin' Bird
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